The Band


Howard - Guitar/Keys/Vocals

Howard was born in Waterloo, Ontario and grew up in Montreal. From a very young age he always had music in his life. Legend has it he listened to lots of Mozart in the womb. His young childhood involved piano lessons and listening to the Beatles, Loverboy and Iron Maiden records on his Mickey Mouse turntable. At the age of 14, he used money earned from his paper route to purchase a $150 Yamaha electric guitar and learn songs from his favourite hair bands. At the time there was considerable debate about whether he was just doing this to get chicks - only Howard knows for sure. 

After several decades’ experience playing with a variety of bands and jam groups, Howard joined High Octane late in 2013 and has stuck it out as the band morphed into The Yonge Originals. He favours Les Pauls for their thick crunch tones and uses a variety of mostly Marshall-flavoured amps and a simple range of pedals. He can also be spotted tinkling the ivories on his Roland synth during many a tune.

He listens to and is influenced by a very wide range of music but if push came to shove would probably list the Beatles and The Who as his all-time favourites. One of these days he may just try some Pete Townshend windmills on stage, ya just never know!

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