The Band


Jason - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Jason grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and has been fascinated with the guitar for as long as he can remember. When mastering the “air guitar” didn’t cut it anymore, he got a beat-up six string and, like a jukebox hero, played it ‘till his fingers bled. 

Jason’s first guitar was an unplayable 50’s archtop. A born do-it-yourselfer, he spent nights and weekends building his own electric guitar from scratch so he’d have something better to play. He’s since retired that guitar, but kept the DIY habit (a fact obvious to anyone who’s tripped over the “spare parts” in his basement).

Jason has been in bands all his life, and joined The Yonge Originals in 2016. He plays Music Man guitars, Marshall-style amps, and overly complicated pedalboards!

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