The Band


Alex - Drums

Like Jake & Elwood from the Blues Brothers, Alex's musical life was initiated by nuns. Although his first instrument was the Violin, Sister Jeanne-David gave Alex his first drum set lessons as a kid. Wanting desperately to fit in once he got to high school, Alex used his God-given knowledge to embark upon a drumming odyssey, moving from band to band over the years:  Digital Grapefruit, The Few, Big Roots Tall Trees, Terry's Trio, Autumn Punk, The Prime Rib Blues Band, Soul Hammer and Henway, to name a few.

Alex's early influences were John Bonham, Stewart Copeland and Carmine Appice although he truly idolizes Jeff Procaro, Dave Weckl and Dave Grohl. When asked about his favourite gigs, his wife Alice says it’s a tie between a "gig on a tugboat" and a bout on City TV's Lunch Television.

Alex joined the band in 2015 and enjoys every moment with the band.  If you look carefully, you'll find him tucked behind his Ayotte Custom kit, feelin the groove with Joel and Howard. Make sure you say "Hi!", but remember, don't feed the drummer!

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