The Band


Percy - Bass

Percy started his musical endeavor at the age of 14 in junior high playing the double bass in the music program. By the time he graduated from high school he had moved on to the electric bass having played in a few cover bands playing everything from heavy metal to top 40 tunes.

After high school, he completely stopped playing music and did not pick up the bass again until 2005. By then, he had started a family and established himself in a profession completely outside of music. From that point on, he has played part time in a number of cover bands. Most recently, he played in a corporate cover band playing gigs in and around the GTA and southern Ontario at private weddings, corporate events and the odd outdoor festival. He is the newest member of the Yonge Originals holding down the bottom end.

Percy can be seen playing Fender Jazz, Sire V7 or Lakeland 55-01 5-string basses at gigs, using either Gallien Kruger, Eden Electronics or TC electronics bass amps through 210 or 410 cabs.

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